About us

Brainfarts Media, Inc. (BMI) is a full service video production house boasting of at least a decade's worth of work and experience producing high-impact Audio Visual Presentations (AVPs), explainer videos, music videos, and web series for varied purposes, such as product launches, post evaluation reports, social media campaigns and even personal events like weddings and birthdays.

Behind Brainfarts Media Inc is a husband-and-wife tandem. Mai, an experienced animator+editor and an alumna of the New York Film Academy, is Brainfarts' Post Production Head. Morny, a seasoned event & theater director, conceptualizes, writes and directs for the company as its Creative Director.

BMI has serviced a number of creative studios and event agencies, and have developed a vast network of long-time industry practitioners in the Philippines.

Got a media requirement? Let Brainfarts Media, Inc. be your creative outsource partner.

Through our partner agencies and networks;
we have serviced the following companies, brands, agencies, institutions, and programs: